RAF Records Parcel

guess what i got through the mail? i was in utter joy from the moment i saw what i got through the mail, the way the address (as seen above on the very first photo) was written itself instantly made me know Faris put the envelope together himself!

Contents (starting from top left & ending bottom right)

1. Cat’s Eyes ~ Face In The Crowd autographed 7” vinyl

2. Faris Badwan art print 

3. vintage photograph of ??? & vintage postcard

4. antique razor case, Cat’s Eyes Tour 2011 guitar pick, My Bloody Valentine 2008 ticket stub, & vintage pocket book

5. brand new 35mm film, the memory stick, & original polaroid of: Rachel, Melissa, & Huw

6. Higher ~ The Horrors promotional CD, bracelet started by both Rachel and Faris, & Rachel’s earplug for noise-cancellation.

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